Natural Hair Care

Niya’s Hair Journey

“BAD HAIR” Jerry curls, phony-ponies, finger waves with corn-rolls and French braids – I have tried it all! Some cute and some not so much.  My hair has literally been fried, dyed and laid to the side.  If my hair is supposed to be my glory, why do I struggle so much? In fact, I […]

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Taffie’s Hair Journey

BACK IN 2013 My hair journey begins in 2013, when I decided I would go natural. I had been contemplating going natural for a while. What was holding me back from going natural was the fear of the unknown. Throughout my life I never really had to do much with my hair. Matter of fact, […]

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Eunis’ Hair Journey

THE BEGINNING I have a beautiful bi-racial sweetheart who was blessed with a head full of natural hair. I had no idea what I was doing when trying to style her hair! All I did was spray water and a leave-in detangler in her hair. As the day progressed, her hair would become frizzy and […]

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Malissa's Hair Journey

Malissa’s Hair Journey

Natural world of awesomeness! I have been natural for over 3 years. It has been quite a journey. I have experienced pros and cons in being natural. I had to adjust to being natural because I wasn’t use to the kinky textured look on a daily basis. I decided to do the big chop; which […]

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Kim's Natural Hair Journey

Kim’s Hair Journey

What’s up natural beauties!  I have been wearing my hair natural for four years and three months.  It has been quite a journey. My hair is really fine and coily.   WHY DID I GO NATURAL? I went natural because my hair is very fine and I felt that the perms were taking a toll […]

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