Sheyenne's Hair Journey



Ever since I was a little girl, I always admired straight hair, and deep down I was repulsed by my own hair.  I wanted it to be long and very straight like Caucasians.  So when my mom gave me perms as early as the age of 6, I didn’t mind.  It was only when my Dad didn’t feel like doing my hair, (because he literally didn’t know how), when I was 8 years old he said, “ You gone wear yo hair in an afro like Michael Jackson.” To my surprise, I liked my hair in an afro and appreciated it’s fluffiness.  My peers also seemed to like it too.


Then I started to wear my hair in braids and that kept my hair in good condition.  My mother suggested I get locs like my grandma.  I supported the idea because I was like yeah, locs are cool. So I wore locs to school and the kids roasted me.  I got mad and became embarrassed, so I didn’t return to it.  After that in the years to come, I did short cuts, and wore braids all the way up to my junior year. So when senior year came I was like F*%# it, I’m just going to wear my hair natural.    I needed to embrace my real self and evolve.  I’ve been natural for almost two years now.  I can definitely say I wouldn’t ever go back.  



I like to do the defined coils with a part on my left side.  First, I just wet my hair up with a spray bottle.  Then I take this twisting cream and gel, and just individually coil my hair around my finger.  Next, I add some oil on my hair so it doesn’t get hard but becomes soft and moisturized.  Lastly, if I’m really lazy I just put on a scarf and leave my hair out in the front .


Every two weeks I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner.  Then I would put oil on the roots.  I just kinda comb it with a wide tooth comb and just let it air dry.  I don’t deep condition, though I should start doing that.  In the morning I just put some oil on it.  At night I put some oil on it again and then tie my hair up with a scarf.


Sheyenne Wilson

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