Malissa's Hair Journey


Natural world of awesomeness! I have been natural for over 3 years. It has been quite a journey. I have experienced pros and cons in being natural. I had to adjust to being natural because I wasn’t use to the kinky textured look on a daily basis. I decided to do the big chop; which prior to doing, I had tried to transition from a having a perm to being natural.  l started out getting braids and just blow drying and flat ironing my hair for about seven months. Later, I decided to just cut it off and begin my journey.



I had to grow into loving my hair because I was not use to the textured look and I so terribly missed my hair (long and flawless from the perm). I began to watch Youtube videos on natural hair. The information I learned gave me a lot of ideas and I began to experiment with my hair. In time I began to love my natural hair and the growing process that I was experiencing. My hair grew so fast within only a few months. I was so excited! l did not do a whole lot to my hair. I just did a lot of cold washes every day and styled my hair into my favorite style, the two strand twist out.



When it comes to washing my hair I would wash my hair every week.  I hardly ever deep condition my hair. I do use a deep conditioner, but I do not keep it in my hair for a long time. I like to experiment and mix a few different oils together that I use daily.



In regards to my decision to go natural, I feel it was a great decision! As a result of being natural, my hair feels better and I look good wearing it. Queen Natural Yessssss!


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