Kim's Hair Journey


What’s up natural beauties!  I have been wearing my hair natural for four years and three months.  It has been quite a journey. My hair is really fine and coily.  


I went natural because my hair is very fine and I felt that the perms were taking a toll on the overall health of my hair.  I hated getting that fresh perm because my hair would be bone straight and it would not hold curls unless a mass of hair spray was added to it.  Making the decision to go natural was the best thing I could have done for my hair and for my pocketbook.



My favorite go-to hairstyle is the two strand twist out.  After I wash my hair, I add oil and a leave-in conditioner throughout my hair.  As my hair takes in the product, I then begin to section off my hair. This makes styling my hair more manageable.  After sectioning, I add a clip to hold that section of hair in place. Once it’s all sectioned, I add a cream based product and a gel to moisturize and define my curls.  I then begin to two strand twist my hair. This style will usually last me about a good week. For occasional color and trims/haircuts, I go to my beautician.



To maintain my tresses I co-wash my hair weekly and wash my hair monthly. Co-washing is washing your hair with a conditioner oppose to using shampoo.  This method of washing your hair evolved because shampoos initially contained a lot of harsh chemicals in them.  Today the hair industry is creating more products that are not using these chemicals.  As a result, I can easily purchase sulfate and paraben free hair products. I also deep condition my hair weekly.  I like to change it up and use a variety of deep conditioners or doctor my own. During the week I keep my hair moisturized by spritzing my hair with water. Then I add a cream-based product to it. Lastly, I add oil to my hair.  Once the products are dispersed throughout my hair, I then grab sections of my hair and do a two strand twist.  This method is done at night before I go to bed. Once that’s done I put a bonnet over my head. In the morning, I untwist my twists and fluff it out. I also use a pick to pull up the roots of my hair to give it volume.



-Deep conditioning under a hooded dryer

-nightly moisturizing hair then twisting to lock in moisture

-light creams

-spray on leave in conditioners

-cowashing weekly

-flaxseed oil


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