Eunis' Hair Journey



I have a beautiful bi-racial sweetheart who was blessed with a head full of natural hair. I had no idea what I was doing when trying to style her hair! All I did was spray water and a leave-in detangler in her hair. As the day progressed, her hair would become frizzy and unruly. I desperately was searching for tips on what to do with all of this natural beautiful hair.



I always encouraged her to wear her hair loose and natural. She was very resistance at first, but she later finally embraced her naturally, beautiful afro! As my daughter’s hair started getting longer and fuller, I was very clueless as to how to manage it. She always wanted her hair pulled back in a pony tail and would refuse to want to wear it full and loose. She claimed everyone would laugh at her. I felt terrible knowing that I was doing a dis-service to her natural, beautiful hair.



My mother-in-law has helped me in my journey by coming over and showing me how to braid her hair and moisturize it. I watched her do that a few times and had good intentions to try it out; however, I found myself going back to my old habits of spraying it back with water and detangler, and putting into a ponytail. I also reached out to a friend with a bi-racial daughter to show me how I could do my daughter’s hair. She brought over products and styled it, but I did not feel that would work for me or my daughter.

So, one day my daughter and I eagerly accepted the invitation by her Aunt Kim, (creator of this wonderful blog Kinky Kurly Chic), to do her hair, while I studiously watched and took notes. As she was showing me the steps in how to manage her hair, I felt much more confident and committed to take on this new level in her hair journey.



As she stepped out into the world with her twists, which transformed a couple of days later into a beautiful, full-blown, dazzling afro – compliments, oohs, and ahhs came flooding in and she has been a natural afro beauty ever since! Due to all the positive attention her hair gives her wherever she goes, she feels confident and proud to declare it to the world. And I feel much better knowing that I have learned how to style and manage her gorgeous, natural hair!

Ana Johnson

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