Amari's Hair Journey



As a young girl my mother would spend a lot of time doing my hair.  Her two favorite styles were braiding my hair or having me wear my hair down.  People in my family would warn me that some of the girls in my class may get jealous of my hair but I never felt that from my classmates.  It was never a thought to get a relaxer in my hair. I have always been natural.



I decided to stay natural because I have been natural my entire life.  I use to straighten my hair alot. The process of straightening my hair became long and tiring, especially on school nights. One day, I didn’t have time or just didn’t feel like blow drying and flat ironing my hair so I left it in its natural state. I continued to wear my hair in its natural state my freshman year in high school. Occasionally I would apply heat to it, but for the most part my hair stays in its natural state.



My favorite go to style is the half up half down. First, I dampen my hair with a spray bottle and apply a curl detangler. I then part my hair in sections and comb (sometimes finger detangle) the product through. Then I add a curling cream and curl mousse and braid the bottom half into two sections (so I can part for the ponytail at the top). I part the ponytail and braid that section. Lastly, I take down the braids on the bottom and comb through. Then I do the same for the top of my hair.



Every two to three weeks I wash my hair with a curling shampoo and conditioner. I use a color protecting moisture masque. From time to time I’ll oil my scalp with carrot tea tree oil. I apply a leave in curling cream, comb through, section off my hair and usually I’ll do braids but sometimes I do twists. During the week I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, comb through my hair and apply curling cream.

Amari Hyler

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