Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair

So what’s all this fuss about deep conditioning your natural hair?  If you are new to the natural hair movement then you will soon realize that keeping your hair well moisturized can be at times challenging.  Naturals who are rocking color treated hair realize that their hair becomes more prone to dryness.   WHAT ARE […]

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Natural Basic Hair Care

MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE Water is the key to moisturizing your hair.The most important to do with natural hair is to keep your hair moisturized.  As a woman of color we are taught at an early age to stay away from water, but water revitalizes our natural hair.  Using water is what keeps your hair moisturized. […]

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Coloring your Natural Hair.

Hair Coloring

Coloring Your Hair Are you interested in adding color to your natural hair? Well, it’s best to consult with a hair professional to fulfill your coloring needs.  Before you get your hair colored, make sure your hair is in good condition. To ensure your hair is in good condition, deep condition your hair for a few […]

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Nighttime...what to do with your natural hair at night.

Nighttime Regimen

  MOISTURIZE As I prepare for my nighttime regimen, I gently mist my hair with water using a spray bottle with water.  Some naturals like to use a leave-in conditioner, or a mix of conditioner, water, and oil.  I just use water. You don’t want to saturate the hair, just have the hair slightly dampened. […]

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Protective Styles

Twists, braids, weaves and wigs, are all considered protective styles.  A protective style is a style you wear that has minimum to no manipulation to your hair.  Sometimes you need a break from doing your natural hair or, sometimes you just want less manipulation done on your hair so that it  can grow at an […]

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Shampooing Natural Hair

Hair Care Wash Routine

  SHAMPOO Shampooing your natural hair is important to keep your hair healthy.  Your routine should consist of a pre-poo and a moisturizing sulfate, paraben free shampoo. A pre-poo prepares your hair to be shampooed. It acts as a shield from the dryness a typical shampoo can bring to your hair.  It can consist of […]

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Wearing Your Afro

My favorite way to wear my hair is in the afro style.  Your afro is your crown and glory.  It is a fairly easy style to wear and maintain.  I like to use a pick to pick my roots and bring my hair to complete fullness.  Wearing an afro requires you to pay attention to […]

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