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Welcome to KinkyKurlyChic!  KinkyKurlyChic was created to educate people of color who chose to wear their hair in a textured state. Many people want to have a better understanding of their natural hair. This blog will bring valuable information to my subscribers regarding basic hair care and maintenance.



I started this blog to give people of color a resource to go to regarding natural hair.  I was inspired to do a blog because I enjoy writing and researching as well as giving people insightful information.  When I started my journey five years ago, a lot of information was available on YouTube.

In my opinion, I felt that a lot of information on natural hair catered to women who had thicker hair or women who had hair with looser curls.  I have a finer grade of hair and I wanted to showcase a variety of hair textures. I personally have fine coily type 3c/4a hair. My hair density is medium to low, and of low porosity. I have been natural for five years.


About Me..Kim KinkyKurlyChic.com




My name is Kim Williams and I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  More than half my life I wore chemically treated hair. As a little girl, my mother took care of my natural hair.  She used grease to keep my scalp and hair oiled. My mother would wash my hair and put plats throughout my hair while it dried.

When I got into Middle school, I received a box perm.  I continued to wear my hair in ponytails and incorporated flat twists since I was doing my hair.  When I got into high school, the Jherri Curl was the new popular style. I informed my mother that I wanted to get a Jherri Curl.  The Jherri Curl grew my hair like a weed. I kept that style up until my freshman year in college. I was attending college in Atlanta and the heat from the weather was not working with my Jherri Curl hairstyle.


I decided to get my hair permed for easy maintenance.  It worked fine and I began experimenting with different hairstyles and color.  I realized that when I got my hair relaxed, initially it would be bone straight and struggled to keep curls in without having to put a lot of hair spray in my hair.  My hair looked flat on me. I wore it wrapped and it grew. I wasn’t going to a hair stylist regularly, because I hated sitting up under the dryer waiting for an extended time for the stylist to do my hair.  

As a result, my hair wasn’t that healthy. I decided to get my hair cut. I had to go to different stylists because many refused to cut my hair. At last, I found a stylist and I was happy with my decision to cut my hair. Eventually, I let my hair grow back out.  Being totally honest, I really wasn’t passionate about my hair. It was just hair. As time went by, I did notice that my hair was getting thinner in certain spots especially at the crown.

At the same time, the natural hair movement was starting to rise.  I knew that perming my hair was not the best thing to do, so I made the decision that I would become natural.  At the time I was wearing a short tapered cropped hairstyle. Since my hair was so short, I felt this would be the ideal time to transition.  So I decided to transition for a year then get my permed hair cut off.


The problem was that when I would go to the beauty salon to get my hair washed and curled; my stylist would put a tremendous amount of heat on my hair in order to straighten and curl it.  I was starting to get sick and tired of all the heat being placed on my hair and scalp.


So one day when I was at the salon, my stylist washed my hair and told me to look at it. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was curly hair with stringy ends at the end of my hair.  He said that he should just cut it. At that time it had only been a few months of transition. After some convincing, I made the decision for him to cut my hair. When the cut was done. I was in awe of my hair. Finally, I did it! I actually got my hair cut off, and now my natural hair journey had begun.


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