5 Easy Steps for a New Natural

1. Check Reviews

What works for your girlfriend does not necessarily work for your hair. (look at reviews online)
(Don’t try to buy every product at the store, try samples or trial sizes, this will save you money!).

2. Washing Your Hair

Only use paraben and sulfate free shampoo. It isn’t necessary to shampoo weekly. Shampooing takes out important oils and has to be replaced. Try co-washing (washing hair with a conditioner).

3. Research and Compare

Use Youtube as a resource to follow someone who’s hair type resembles yours and one that doesn’t.

4. Know Your Stylist

When getting a trim and you are unsure of the stylist and their perspective of what a trim is versus a cut; have them blowout your hair (not bone straight) so they can trim/cut your hair evenly. (Make sure you stylist uses a heat protectant).

5. Slow Down

Be patient and embrace your hair journey :).

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