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How to get a Bomb Ass Wash and Go Style


A Wash and Go hairstyle is one that I personally didn’t do a lot as a natural.  At the beginning of my journey, I did a big chop on my hair. I opted for the wash and go hairstyle because it was very easy and convenient.  I would wash my hair and then add gel throughout my hair. Quickly I learned that adding gel was not smart to do.  Simply because as my hair dried my hair would become hardened from the gel. YouTube became a reliable source of natural hair information.  I learned that I needed to add a leave-in conditioner before I add in the gel to my hair. At this particular time, the rave was all about naturals using the Echo Style Gel.

Big Chop, Wash and Go


As my hair got longer and I would do a wash and go style on my hair, I would seem to get a lot of single strand knots throughout my hair.  In addition, I just got tired of putting all that gel into my hair.  (I am kinda heavy-handed with hair products.) So, I just stopped doing the wash and go styles and started wearing my hair in twist outs.  I felt like a wash and go style was not for me.


Ok so you are probably wondering well… how did I discover how to get a bomb ass wash and go.  Well, it all happened by accident. Since I created this blog, I wanted to give readers an insight into what my natural curl pattern looks like and I knew that I would need to do a wash and go.  As I was preparing for a photoshoot I decided it was time to do that.


I gathered all the necessary materials, Tresemme Flawless Shampoo, and Conditioner.  Next, a leave-in/detangler, Kinky Curly Knot Today, and two gels, Shea Moisture Curling Souflee, and Kinky Curly Custard. Lastly, I grab a rat tail comb, hair clips, microfiber t-shirt, and my handheld dryer, with the diffuser attachment. ( I just bought it and I was excited to see how it would work ☺️.)  Shortly after, I proceeded to wash and condition my hair.


Update…I have cut my hair and I have also changed the products that I use to get a GREAT wash and go.  To my dismay, I discovered that the shampoo and conditioner that I was using had some ingredients that were not beneficial to my natural hair.  When I wash my hair, I like to switch up between using a co-wash, clarifying shampoo or or using a conditioner.  As for a styler, I am still using gel.


Once that was done I parted my hair with my rat tail comb and sectioned each part with my hair clips.  First off, I start raking product through my hair from the back, (no particular reason). Then I scoop the Kinky Curly Custard throughout my hair and then apply the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Souflee to that section of hair.  Next, I use my fingers to detangle my hair and rake the products through my hair.  Then I move on to the next section of hair.


UPDATE…Shea Moisture has changed the formula to their Coconut Hibiscus Curling Gel Souflee.  As a result I no longer use it.  Instead, once my hair has been washed and conditioned, I will apply different humectants such as Agave or Aloe Vera to my hair and then rake the gel throughout my hair.


Once my hair is completely covered with those products, I take that moment to shake my hair to allow the product to clump my curls.  What I do is move my head every which way.  (You should do this in an area where you don’t mind some product flying off in the room.)  My curls become perfectly defined and I am satisfied with the results.


On this particular day, I had a makeup appointment scheduled so I had no time to waste.  Quickly, I headed over to my appointment. By the time I got back a good 40 minutes had passed. When I got home, I then took my handheld dryer and started to diffuse my hair, (it was still wet).  I did this for about 15 minutes. I could have continued a bit longer, but I had to be present for the photoshoot within the next 15 minutes. The shoot went well and my hair models did wonderfully! You can read their hair journeys here.


Below is a short trailer of my hair models here.


I was pleasantly surprised to get compliments on my wash and go style. This did take aback because I didn’t really care for my wash and go style mostly because of the hair shrinkage.  I love big hair!  In addition, I was also asked by the ladies at my shoot if I wore my hair in this style.  I replied no and the ladies were like why not?!  At that point, I explained how I use to get a lot of single strand knots and how I like to wear my hair in a twist out because I get more volume.


However, the conversation with the ladies got me thinking. It has been a long time since I wore the wash and go style and they seemed to think it was very flattering.  I decided I may attempt to do this again and see if my experience is the same as this one.  By the way, the wash and go lasted a whole week and it was very defined and very shiny still?!


So… I reflected and realized, the only difference in how I did this wash and go style as opposed to how I did my wash and go style earlier in my journey was…I let my hair set for a longer period of time and kept my hands out of it as well. So I did the same process and BAM????!! I got the same result!

Wash and Go Natural Hair Tips


I’m loving it! Shrinkage and all!  I would advise that when you do your wash and go keep these tips in mind.  You can also click here for more information on the wash and go style.

  1. Let your hair set for at least 30 or more minutes.
  2. Keep your hands out of it!


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