Chebe Butter Product Review

Chebe Butter Product Review

The Chebe Butter came to my attention one fateful evening. I was at home and becoming frustrated with a product that I had considered a staple. As a result of a formula change to this product, I have been on the hunt for hydrating hair care products.  Upon scouring across YouTube channels, I came across a video showcasing African women doing each other’s hair.  This intrigued me.  The young lady, traveled to Chad Africa to witness for herself the women of Chad using Chebe Powder to do their hair.  According to the women of Chad, the Chebe powder they use mixed with oils has helped them grow and maintain long hair.

The Women of Chad Africa

So I watched the traditional process of these women and realized that the combination of using the powder mixed with oils and then putting it into a protective style was key in the hair growth.  I decided to search for videos on YouTube for other naturals who use the Chebe powder and hear to their take on the product.  Some loved it and some didn’t.  However, it wasn’t the product itself but the process that involved putting the Chebe powder into their hair.

I thought to myself since the country is in quarantine, I could use this product and just keep my hair tied up. Especially since I wasn’t going anywhere due to the Covid-19.  A month should be sufficient to try this product.  As I continued to scroll through videos, I came across a Youtuber by the name of Yaya.

YaYa Creations

Yaya used the Chebe powder to make her own Chebe Butter. I watched the video and the demonstration of her product. I thought to myself “Hot Dog”! I’m gonna buy her product and use that instead. It didn’t appear to be as messy as the traditional way of using the Chebe Powder. So I ordered it. I was quite excited! Two weeks later, my product arrived. 

YaYa Creations Chebe Butter Product Review

I took the Chebe butter out of the box. To my surprise, the container was much smaller than I envisioned.  I looked up the order to double-check the size. However, the order displayed that I ordered an 8-ounce container.  Hmmm, I thought this is interesting.  I opened up the container and noticed that the butter had a thick and whipped consistency. In my mind I expected it to be more of a creamy consistency.  Placing the container under my nose I inhaled the scent.  It definitely had an earthy scent to it.

Chebe Butter

I wanted to know how hydrating this product was.  Based on the video, I decided to just use this product alone after I washed my hair.  So I washed my hair then sectioned it and got the Chebe butter.  As I was getting the product out of the container,  I was having difficulty getting the butter out. 

I applied it to my hair and it was kinda just sitting on my hair. Not quite melting on my hair as I saw on the video.  Hmmm, I begin to think, maybe I need to add more water to my hair.  Yes, that was the trick.  I wet my hair.  After I applied the product to my hair I twisted my hair up. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hair was very shiny and moisturized.  I usually pin my twists back but decided to keep them down.  The next day my hair was dry and not as shiny but it was soft.  As the next few days went on, my hair appeared to be dry but was still soft to the touch.

Using the Chebe Butter

The next time I used the product I washed my hair and then twisted it up using the Chebe Butter.  My hair felt moisturized and shiny.  The next day it was no longer shiny but soft.  So I decided that the next time I use this product I was going to do my whole wash routine and incorporate the Chebe Butter into my wash hair routine.

Third time using the product, I washed my hair and deep conditioned it.  In addition, I added a rinse to my hair which is very moisturizing.  Afterward, I applied my leave-in conditioner, Honey, by Camile Rose.  Sectioned my hair and separated it with clips.  Applied the Chebe butter which glided in even easier this time with all of the moisture I put in my hair.  I twisted my hair and it was moisturized and shiny.  The next day it had a bit more shine to it and looked moisturized.  I did not oil my twists in those upcoming days, but my hair seemed not as dry and was very soft.

Last Time Using

Fourth time using the product, I washed and deep conditioned.  Applied the leave-in conditioner and added a curl defining gel with the Chebe Butter.  As a result, my hair again felt moisturized and shiny.  This time I decided to pull my twists back.


My conclusion on this product is that it definitely elongates your hair as you apply it.  It initially acts as a humectant when you apply the product.  I can see it being effective if your goal is to accomplish hair growth.  I would rate this product a 7 out of ten.  Would I buy this product again?  Probably not.  I don’t have goals of reaching a certain hair length and I think I can find another butter that can give me the results I want at a cheaper price.

For moisturized hair deep condition your hair often. Click here to read about my post regarding deep conditioning.

If you are interested in trying this product out for yourself, click here to purchase her products. By the way, I experienced good customer service from her☺️.

Join my Natural Hair Community for more tips on natural hair click here.

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  • Shai May 2, 2021   Reply →

    Thank you for this article. I bought a few different kinds of chebe butter and I am still learning the right technique to apply it.

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