How To Do A Twist Out Hairstyle…


How do you attempt to do a twist out hairstyle on your natural hair? In the earlier part of my natural hair journey, I so desperately was trying to learn how to do a twist out on my natural hair.  As we begin to discuss how to do a twist out on natural hair, let’s define what a twist out is. 

A twist out hairstyle is a hairstyle that consists of taking a section of hair then parting the hair into 2 parts. Taking those two parts and twisting them together and curling the ends together.  You do this method throughout your entire head. Once the hair sets you will then begin to untwist the twists.  This will result in a twist out and there you have a twist out.


After I wash and deep condition my hair, I take a rat tail comb to part and section my hair.  I grab a hair clip and clip each section of hair in it. Usually, I end up with 8 to 10 sections of my hair in hair clips. Before you twist your hair you must add a styler or gel to each section of your hair.  Detangle it well then proceed to twist the entire head.  FYI…this style is my go-to hairstyle☺️.


Once your whole head is done you should let your twists set unbothered. For best results, you want to let your hair set for 2 to 3 days. On the last day you take your twists down.  Before you begin to untwist your hair, you need to add some oil to your fingertips. The oil will prevent frizz from happening.  Then gently untwist your hair one time. Then go back and take each part of the twist and pull it apart making two twists out of one.

Natural Hairstyle Two Strand Twist Out


On the first day you will get great definition.  As you can see in the picture above, I have great definition, but I don’t have volume. I untwist my hair the night before and I let my hair set for about 20 minutes or so.  Then I grab big sections and retwist my hair. By morning when I untwist my hair I have VOLUME!! YAY!! For me, I LOVE big hair! Once my hair is untwisted, I would take my hair pic and pull at the roots to give even more volume.  The more you do twist outs the better and faster you will become at it.

Here is a pic of my hair on the second day.  Now I have more volume.  As the days go by my afro gets bigger and bigger.

Natural Hair Two Strand Twist Out

Let me know if you have attempted to do a twist out.  If you are interested in how to do a wash and go hairstyle, click here. Are you new to this natural hair journey? Read more on tips for beginners here

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