Curl Crush Hair Product Review

Hair Product Review

Grand Rapids Natural Hair Expo 2019

The way I came across this hair product review was completely unintentionally. I attended the Natural Hair Expo in Grand Rapids Michigan on March 30th, 2019.  It was their very first natural hair event in the city. There was a great turn out in support of this event.  The event was located downtown at Devos 2222 N Water St. Once inside there were a ton of people throughout the event.  Also to my surprise, was the amount of black female vendors selling hair products.

I happened to spot a young woman who was doing a demonstration of her hair product.  She used the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave-in and the Curl Crush Around The Way Gel on the hair model.   The model’s hair was dry before the demonstration started. As the owner began to apply the product in her hair, we all could see that her hair was coming to life.  I asked the owner if there were any plant-based ingredients in her products. I don’t recall exactly what she said but I believe she stated that there was aloe vera in these two products.

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Grand Rapids Natural Hair Expo

Making the Purchase

I made the decision to purchase the gel.  The gel and the butt-ah came in 16-ounce containers.  I bought the gel because I wanted to see if it could compare with my favorite gel, Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souflee by Shea Moisture.  I generally combine this with Kinky Curly’s Kinky Custard. The gel was priced at $17.00 which I thought was a good deal considering it was 16 ounces.

Unexpected Surprise

As my girlfriends and I were leaving the event, we ran into Jaded Tresses’ partner.  He was getting more products out of their vehicle to sell at their booth. My girlfriend asked if she could get one from him.  He obliged and gave her the Curl Crush Butt-ah for FREE! So it was perfect! Now I can review both products.  It was advised by the owner for best results to use the two products together. I knew then I was able to do a hair product review on both products.


Ok…so for the first hair product review, I decided to use the gel first to see how my hair responds to it. I washed and conditioned my hair.  I used a leave-in conditioner, my staple, Kinky Curly Knot Today. My thoughts were to do a twist out. So I applied the gel throughout my hair.  I twisted my hair up. I could see the definition taking place as I twisted my hair. The next day I untwisted my hair. It was soft and there was some definition, however, it was…slightly dry.  

I have really dry hair and I think a lot of gels out there it don’t have enough humectants or the right one that will keep my hair moisturized.  So after a day, I had to add my Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souflee by Shea Moisture. This always gets the job done. So I was telling my girlfriend and she stated that the owner insists on using the two products together for best results.  I was like okay. So I went to my girlfriend’s house and got the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave-in.

Hair Product Review on Curl Crush Products

Curl Crush Hair Products

Time Elapse

I didn’t use the product right away.  I waited a couple of weeks because I had an event to go to and I wanted to use products that I knew were going to work for my hair.  So lets fast forward to the present. I washed my hair. Conditioned it with an added color which by the way is very moisturizing and began to use the products.  I sectioned my hair with the clips and applied the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave-in.

Using Products

Immediately I noticed that the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave -in came on creamy but then quickly became thick and clung to my hair strands in a drying way.  So there wasn’t a lot of slip as it was clenching my tresses. I thought ok this is different. Then I added the Curl Crush Around The Way Gel to my hair.  The gel broke up the hold from the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave-in. I thought to myself that I was gonna have some beautiful definition.


I let my hair stay in twists for about two days.  This is how I allow my hair to set. My twists looked moisturized and I was ready to see the result. So since I have fine hair I take my twists down the night before so I can retwist and have a little volume the next day.  When I took my hair down, my hair was like very soft and looked like I blow-dried my hair and twisted it up. It was definitely a different look.

Later that Night

That night I added a little water and oil to it before I twisted it up.  The next day it looked the same and was still soft. I wore it down with one side pinned up.  I got a few compliments on my hair. Even though my hair was soft I could tell it was getting drier.  So I did my LCO method and moisturized my hair that night. It became fuller but as the day went by it was getting drier.  Of course, I had to add my ole faithful, Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souflee by Shea Moisture. Sure enough, my hair was happy and thirsty for the moisture.

Hair Product Review

Here’s my take on the products. The Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave-in was ok but what I didn’t like after a few minutes it would dry like there was some holding agent in it.  I like to feel slip in my hair when I am applying the product to it. The Curl Crush Around The Way Gel did the job and left my hair soft, but just like other gels, I would add my Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souflee by Shea Moisture to it to give my hair moisture and shine.  

Curl Crush Hair Products

Looking at the Ingredients

As I looked at the ingredients I noticed that both products have Goat’s milk in them.  I looked up Goat’s Milk and apparently, it provides a lot of vitamins and nutrients to your hair.  It also leaves your hair incredibly soft. All of this was very interesting. On a scale of 1- 5 I would give the Curl Crush Butt-ah Leave -in a 3 and the Curl Crush Around The Way Gel a 4.

Hair Product Review Update

My girlfriend who had both products also used it on her hair. She noticed her hair drying fast as well. However, she stated that she tried it a second time and made sure her hair was well saturated with water. As a result of saturating her hair with water, she got great results. She advised me to try the products again just making sure my hair is well saturated with water.

If you would like more information on these products please check out JadedTressess. If you are interested in other product reviews click here for other product reviews.

Curl Crush Nothing Butt-ah Leave-In

Curl Crush Nothing Butt-ah Leave In

✨This product is designed for twists, wash and go, locs, kinks, curls and coils.

Curl Crush Nothing Buttah Leave-In Ingredients

Ingredients: Shea butter, Marshmallow root, Goat’s milk, Water, Aloe oil, Vegetable protein, Jasmine Oil and fragrance

Curl – Crush

Curl Crush Around the Way Gel

Around the Way Gel Ingredients

Ingredients: water, organic aloe leaf juice, Goat’s milk, water, marshmallow root, Polysorbate thickener, essential oil blend, protein

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