Why You Should Use Vision Boards…

What exactly is a vision board? A vision board, or dream board, is a collection of words, pictures, doodles, anything really, that encompasses’ one’s dreams, desires, and aspirations. Your vision board is a source of inspiration for you to draw from. It can help you intently focus on a goal or it can be the root of your motivation.


A vision board can be used as a manifestation tool to attract and invite the life you want to live! Whether you want health, happiness, good fortune, or all three, crafting a vision board can help you achieve these goals. These boards can also be helpful for your overall well-being.

Vision Board

If you’re still on the fence about manifesting your goals on your own through a vision board, we do have some research to back them up! Elizabeth Rider, contributing author for the Huffington Post, sheds some light on why they can work. “Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. What we focus on expands.

Creating A Vision Board

When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day.” (1) Many studies have been conducted around the practice of visualization, and Psychology Today reports that researchers have found that your thoughts can produce the same mental instructions as your actions! (2)

Vision Board

Vision boards have been around for a while now; you’ve probably made one already and didn’t even realize it! Think back to the days of sitting around in your room, cutting up magazines and gluing them to your school notebooks or big pieces of construction board. That was your first ever vision board!

Nowadays, you can craft a vision board digitally (hello, Pinterest!) as well as manually. Your vision board is a representation of you and your life and how you want to feel, so displaying your board somewhere prominent, where you’ll see it daily, can really help bring your goals to life.

Bringing Your Visions to Life

So, you know what a vision board is now. And you know you want to make one! You want to achieve that career goal, feeling of success, or just attracting more positivity into your life. Where do you go from here? First, think about what your goals are. Are they financial goals, relationship goals? Do you want to travel internationally within the next year? Buy a new car?

Vision Board

Write It Down

Whatever you are setting out to accomplish, write them down! From brain to pen to paper, you’ll find a greater sense of understanding by actually writing your aspirations down. Envision what will make you the happiest in your life. Grab a journal or notebook and let your mind go. When you’re daydreaming, where does your mind wander? Find these places and use them as your first steps to recognizing your goals.

Health and Wellness vision board.

From Daydream to Reality

There’s no right or wrong way to craft your vision board. Gather your materials; magazines, pictures, pens, journals, stickers, notes, scribbles, and your board! Your board is all about you, so grab materials that speak to you and make you feel good. If your goals are to better yourself mentally, grab some yoga or meditation magazines. If you’re planning on traveling, grab some travel magazines. Cut, rip, staple and glue to your heart’s content and get those aspirations out of your head and onto your board! These dreams and thoughts now become your life. When you surround yourself with your visualizations, it’s easier to see them become a reality.

Vision Board

Benefits of a Vision Board

Once you have your board made and it’s displayed somewhere where you see it often, you’ll slowly feel a shift within yourself. Visualizing your goals will start to have a positive impact on your life and you might see some of these benefits:

Health and Wellness vision board.

  • Better mood. Surrounding yourself with your aspirations will instantly put you in a good mood!
  • Positive outlook. Visualizing that tropical vacation regulary will definitely positively affect your day to day.
  • Creative Spark. Your vision board turned out a lot cooler than you thought! Maybe you have a knack for creating things…
  • Mental clarity. Ahhh, you can see clearly now that the fog is gone!
  • Motivation. How can you not be motivated when your goals are within an arm’s reach!
  • Productivity. You want to accomplish these dreams and goals, right?
  • Self-image and self-worth. Visualizing where who and what you want to be will have a positive impact on how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself.

If there was ever a time to start your vision board, now would be it! Put your intentions out there and let the universe work its magic! To read more about what successful people do for their morning routine click here. Remember: goals, aspirations, dreams and your personal development change, so don’t be scared to go back and revisit your vision board as often as you see fit. Plus, wouldn’t it feel great peeling off the picture of a new car because you bought one?!

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References: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/the-scientific-reason-why_n_6392274?ec_carp=3451031774549360948




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