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Coconut Oil and Natural Hair


If you are a seasoned natural then you have probably heard about some of the benefits of coconut oil. However, if you are a newcomer this is all new to you so let’s dive in. Coconut is classified as a nut, a seed, as well as a fruit. Coconut oil is derived from the meaty part of the coconut. Many naturals create their own do it yourself conditioners using coconut oil.


Coconut Oil, Natural Hair Benefits



Coconut oil has many benefits for natural hair.  The benefits Include but are not limited to, sealing moisture, being used as a conditioner, and detangling hair. Coconut oil is not exclusive to just hair.  It also benefits skin and dental health.



Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner.  It has an abundance of fatty acids. Fatty acids promote hair growth.  Coconut oil can be used by itself as a conditioner or you can add a couple of teaspoons of the oil to your existing conditioner.  The coconut oil is known to nourish, moisturize and improve overall scalp health.



As you prepare to detangle your hair after you wash it or if you are in the process of moisturizing it you may notice knots or tangles.  Coconut oil is recommended to use during this process. Particularly because coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and surrounds the hair, as a result it becomes easier to get knots out. I detangle my hair with my fingers but prior to doing that I used a denim brush.  You can also use a wide tooth comb.



Currently the hair industry is promoting coconut oil as the go to oil for hair growth.  Even though it is being promoted, there is no scientific evidence that supports this claim.  Coconut oil is very good for hydrating hair. I have talked to many different people and some are a fan of it and some are not.  Personally I like it but I don’t solely use coconut oil. Often I like to switch up the different oils that I use to seal in moisture. Some have stated if you use coconut oil and have a well balanced diet you will see hair growth. Coconut aids in helping hair growth but I would not solely rely on it for hair growth.



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Coconut Oil and Natural Hair

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