Product Review Whisper Whip

Product Review: Whisper Whip


The day was August 19, 2018 and I had collaborated with the owner of Transcending Salon & Spa for a natural hair event.  Th event went well for a first timer like myself. At some point when there were hair demonstrations, the master stylist Antoi Johns introduced a product, Whisper Whip-Leave in, Co-Wash Moisturizer & Detangler, and Deep Conditioner, Sulfate Free, 100% Keratin Based, helps to repair dry and heat damaged hair. For all hair types 32 oz. bonus size, that she thought was a good staple for naturalistas.  This was my opportunity to do a product review.

Being that is was not a mainstream product that we had heard of we kinda looked at it like..ok. So not one but at least three attendees tried the product. One in particular stated that she did not put any other product in her hair for the rest of the week.   This particular day was a Sunday. The naturalistas had no complaints about the product. I decided that I would try this product the next time I washed my hair.


Before I used this product I looked to see who and where this product was manufactured from.  To my surprise it was created by a black woman from St. Louis Missouri. After hearing such positive reviews from some of the ladies that came to my event, I was eager o try the product.  I contacted the company to see if they would be interested in working with me as a blogger. The representative said yes that they were and they would send me their product in the mail. However, I never received anything in the mail.  Anyhow I was able to get some of the product from a girl friend of mine.



Ok so the time had come to try this product.  My initial thought was to use it as a deep conditioner.  However I was on the phone with a girl friend on the day I was going to do my hair and I told her that I was going to use it as a deep condition.  I also told her, mistakenly, that this product could be used as a wash and go.


She insisted that I do both.  First, use the product as a deep conditioner and secondly use the product as a wash and go.  I was very reluctant to do the wash and go because my hair is dry and needs LOTS of moisture and I did not believe this one product was going to sustain the moisture.  So I decided to do the wash and go first. If you want to read about my wash and go routine, click the link here.  


Okay…I washed my hair, deep condition it and then applied the whisper whip through out my hair.  As my hair was drying, I saw that I did have some curl definition. But I kept thinking to myself… this is not gonna last.  As the evening begin to creep on, I decided to add other products and twist my hair so I could be presentable for work in the morning.  I realized the next day that this product was recommended to be used as a co-wash and not a wash and go. That was my fault for not paying attention carefully and just quickly skimming at the recommended uses of this product.


The following Sunday I washed and deep conditioned my hair with the Whisper Whip.  Hmmm…I thought this is pretty good. This product is very moisturizing. Looking at the ingredients I saw that it has Olive, Jojoba and Shea Butter Oil.  The only con I can see using this product is that it is currently not in stores. You would have to order this directly from the website or from Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon.



So as a recap I would definitely recommend purchasing this product.  It comes in a 32 ounce bottle, and you can use this product to co-wash, deep condition or as a styling cream.  Each recommendation comes with steps on how to use the product. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest I would rate this product as a 4.  If you have used this product or know of anyone who has please leave a comment on what you thought of this product. I would love to hear your feedback!


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