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Storytime: The Struggle of Balancing Working Full time and Blogging

I am a new entrepreneur who is excited about creating and putting my blog out for people to use as a resource in their natural hair journeys.  I didn’t realize how much work and attention to detail this venture would take. The thing I struggle with the most is finding balance.


I am a single mother who works a full time job.  I have a son in college and another son who I am trying to help guide in this thing called life.  He is also a budding entrepreneur. I’m sure many of you struggle with these same things; balancing work, the household, wife, husband, kids, and most importantly your ‘Me Time”.


This is why I am trying really hard to get my business up and thriving.  What I am striving for is a lifestyle change. My goal is to work 4 hours a day and generate enough income to take care of my living expenses in addition to having money left over to enjoy life.


Life is not about chasing this man made thing called money.  It’s about enjoying yourself and your loved ones. In order to achieve that we must get out of the rat race.  I realized a long time ago that I was GREAT! My experiences in working with people who felt threatened, intimidated, and/or insecure about my greatness, (who I am), is not my problem.


I decided to pour into myself and put my energy in to celebrating my greatness and passion for helping people, which became the birth of “Kinky Kurly Chic”.  I am very proud of this creation and love the positive feedback I get from others. I try my best to do things the best way I can. All of this is a part of my journey to become the best authentic version of myself that I can be.  


Peace, love and many blessings!


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