What is solitude?  Solitude is being at one with thyself.  Sometimes the best place to be is a in state of solitude.  Peace is a true gem. In today’s world, we are constantly hustling and bustling from place to place with little to no time to take a breather.  If you’re like most people, ‘me time’ is scarce and much-needed. Part of my self-care is to take time to sit still.



This practice of being present and still with your thoughts and quieting the mind is becoming very popular in the corporate world as well as with individual people.  Quieting the mind and meditating provides many benefits. Research shows that meditation enhances creativity, and lowers levels of stress, anxiety, and fear. It also makes people less susceptible to depression and pain.  Meditation allows one to do less ruminating about things on one’s mind. It increases one’s emotional intelligence and overall increases one’s well-being. In a world, today filled with distractions each one of us must practice the art form of being present.  Meditation helps with being present by clearing the mind and letting thoughts come and go. According to Ralph Smart tapping into the power of now is where the energy lies. Taking deep breaths helps to release us and put ourselves in a meditative mood.



What’s the difference you might ask?  Well, when a person is lonely they usually consume themselves with thoughts that lead to sadness or depression.  Their anxiety builds and they begin to ruminate with negative thoughts in their head which can cause more sadness. Being alone is simply choosing to be with yourself.  


Allowing yourself to be present and just simply smell the flowers.  This article, 5 Ways Solitude Can Make You More Successful, explains how science backs up solitude. Becoming one with nature and taking in the sights or doing an activity like reading to keep your mind focused.  Adrea Coups said it best in the article entitled ‘The Difference Between Being Alone and Being Lonely’. He said, “Being alone is a state of being; loneliness is a state of mind.”  I completely concur with that statement.



Having peace within yourself is the ultimate conquest.  No one can ruffle your feathers if you are able to control your emotions and be at peace with yourself.  A YouTube influencer by the name of Ralph Smart states “ Inner peace is your highest form of wealth.” I personally work on cultivating the inner peace within myself by meditating, journaling, and training myself to master my emotions.  Loving yourself is very important to me. Doing these things helps me to have better control of myself and my emotions. This also allows me to let go of things and people that do not have my best interest. I am a work in continual progress! I would encourage everyone to seek inner peace.


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