Storytime: Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes


On a hot and humid summer day, a natural hair photo shoot was scheduled.  I had this great idea to have hair journeys of various women from different backgrounds and of course different textures of hair to be featured on my blog.  In their journeys they would include tips on what these ladies do to care for their hair. This photo shoot was my second attempt at organizing this.



I originally had a photo shoot set up last summer, unfortunately it rained and only a couple of participants showed up.  This event included my girlfriend and my sister-in-law who was bringing her daughter to model. It turned out well. Unfortunately I didn’t download all of the pics right away and was unable to retrieve the photos of my niece. (Sigh!)



Anyways, that brings us back to June summer of 2018.  Milwaukee doesn’t get many hot days, but this day was absolutely one of the hottest days this summer!  I scheduled this day about a month ago just hoping for a sun lit day. The day before the shoot I looked at the forecast and saw that there was a heat advisory for the upcoming day.  I thought to myself, oh man I don’t think many people are going to show up and I can’t blame them because we’re scheduled to film outside.



My photographer scared me earlier that morning. He texted me and stated he had to apologize but he needed to take his son to work during our scheduled time. After some back and forth, it was clear that there was a misunderstanding of the time frame but it was quickly clarified the photo shoot time was not going to conflict with his parental duty.



I arrived at the designated location. Alas, I didn’t see anyone.  Grabbed my phone and I sent a quick text to my photographer to find his whereabouts.  He replied he was up a block from me. The sun was blazing and there were 3 of the ladies present who came early.  I was so happy and thankful they arrived. There were also text messages I was receiving as to others on their way.  Oh my goodness! The ladies were actually coming!




In all a majority of the ladies came.  Some were very comfortable in front of the camera and others a little camera-shy.  I loved the energy and the confidence of every one who modeled. This is what I wanted to encapsulate on my blog.  Women who were completely embracing their hair and their beauty! It turned out GREAT!! I’m excited to show the world.  Stay tuned for upcoming hair journeys and subscribe to Kinky Kurly Chic so you don’t miss a post!



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