Hair Types and Hair Textures

As people we have many different hair textures and types.  People of color especially can have multiple hair textures and types in their head. Some people feel that if you know what your hair type and texture is you can be better informed as to what type of product to use for your hair type.

Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey’s Hair stylist, created a hair typing system in alignment with his hair care products to help people identify their hair type.  Subsequently helping them to be better informed consumers when it comes to hair products. Here is an example of Andre Walker’s Hair Typing System below.

Andre Walker hair typing system


When this hair typing system came out it originally had a 3c and a 4c type.  To the best of my knowledge Andre Walker has eliminated those hair types as you can see on his latest hair typing chart.  Based off this chart I would categorized my hair type as Type 4 Kinky Hair. I do have parts at the top of my head where my curls are a little looser though.  I also have friends who have Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4 hair all in one head. It’s hard to imagine that but there are quite a few people with multiple hair types.

Textures refer to the circumference of the hair strand.  Individuals with fine hair like myself have the smallest circumference. Those with coarse hair have largest circumference and medium textures are in the middle of those two.



Straight Hair Tip:

Type 1 hair produces a lot of natural oil called sebum. Washing your hair will be more frequent due to the oil build up of sebum.



Wavy Hair Tip:

Type 2 hair is very prone to frizz.  To maintain those beautiful waves chose a styler or gel that has a anti-frizz component in it.



Curly Hair Tip:

Curly hair definitely needs regular moisture to keep curls vibrant.  When doing a wash and go style always start with a clean head and then use a styler or gel that will embrace your curls.




Kinky Hair Tip:

This hair type needs daily moisture.  The Liquid Oil Cream method is recommended.  Also know as the L.O.C. method. This involves spraying your hair with water then adding a cream and following it up with an oil.  Personally I use liquid, cream and oil also know as the L.C.O method. This works best for me. I moisturize my hair nightly unless I feel that my hair does not need the added moisture.


All in all, I don’t feel that the typing system is particularly helpful just because in the end it just comes down to if your hair respond to that particular product.  Also, a lot of products don’t specify the type of hair that their product works for. Some may say their product was designed for wavy hair or mixed hair but most product manufactures will say their product is designed for curly hair.  Either way it still comes down to the consumer purchasing the product and applying it to see if indeed this product works for them.

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  • Patricia Morris July 16, 2018   Reply →

    I just recently cut my hair off and personally I can’t tell what my hair type is. It is more like a sponge. Right now I am using a curling gel to try to define my curls. I like the product I am using, but wish I can determine my hair type. Hopefully, as my hair grow I will be able to better understand my hair.

    • Kimberly Williams July 17, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, as a new natural it can be quite daunting trying to figure out your hair type. However, using gel in my opinion is the best way to define your curls. As your hair gets longer you will be able to see clearly what your hair type is. Thanks for sharing!

  • ergfirnolikz July 25, 2018   Reply →

    Hello.This post was extremely interesting, especially because I was investigating for thoughts on this matter last Tuesday.

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