Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair

So what’s all this fuss about deep conditioning your natural hair?  If you are new to the natural hair movement then you will soon realize that keeping your hair well moisturized can be at times challenging.  Naturals who are rocking color treated hair realize that their hair becomes more prone to dryness.



Currently there are a few ways to deep condition your natural hair.  Traditionally you can sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap on your head.  You would first wash your hair, then as you prepare to deep condition, you would add either a hair mask, deep conditioner or you can create your own concoction to use on your hair.  


Once you have selected your product you would then generously place the product all over your hair from root to end. Take the product and generously coat your hair. Place a plastic cap over your head.  If you don’t have a plastic cap you can easily use a plastic bag. If you are using a plastic bag, just grab the ties of the bag and twist them together to make one twist and clamp it with a hair clip. Lastly you would sit under the dryer for about 15 – 20 minutes.


If you don’t want to use heat you can simply place a plastic cap on your head and then retrieve a towel to wrap around your head.  Cover and wrap your head with a towel. Your head will generate  heat that will subsequently deep condition your hair. Another alternative is to use a thermal deep conditioning cap.  This cap is cordless and works by placing it in the microwave to your desired temperature. I personally have not used one so if you are considering purchasing a thermal deep conditioning cap I would definitely look at the reviews to see if this is something you would like.



Deep conditioning your hair has a number of benefits.  One benefit is increased elasticity to your hair. Elasticity refers to your hair’s ability to snap back into its natural curl pattern when pulled and then let go.  The quick snap back means your hair has good elasticity. A second benefit is deep conditioning helps to repair damaged hair. Depending on the product you select, sitting under the dryer with the elements of protein, oil or a humectant can aid in repairing damaged hair.  

A humectant is a substance that adds moisture and helps to keep the moisture in your hair. Honey and glycerin are humectants that add moisture to your hair. Another great benefit of deep conditioning is keeping the balance of protein in your hair. I often alternate with putting a protein treatment or a hair conditioning treatment when deep conditioning my hair.  It all depends on the condition of my hair. Your hair needs a certain amount of protein to be balanced. If your hair feels limp or stringy it needs protein. If your hair feels dry or is easily tangled it needs moisture. Too much protein can make your hair hard and stiff. So it is important to pay attention to your hair to assess properly.



Anyone who has hair but especially those individuals who wear their hair in a textured state. Everyone needs a good deep conditioning. It should be a part of your regular hair regimen. If you are a natural who has chemically treated hair, this is especially important for you.  Hair that is chemically treated will strip your hair of its moisture making it dry and brittle. Deep conditioning will install the moisture back and keep your hair properly balanced.



If you have chemically treated hair it is highly recommended to deep condition weekly. I had my hair bleached so that the color I choose would show brightly.  The color was beautiful but my hair was dry as straw. I started deep conditioning my hair and it made a world of difference. Since that whole experience I continue to deep condition my hair on a weekly basis.  If your hair is not color treated than you could get away with deep conditioning every two weeks.



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