Nighttime...what to do with your natural hair at night.

Nighttime Regimen



As I prepare for my nighttime regimen, I gently mist my hair with water using a spray bottle with water.  Some naturals like to use a leave-in conditioner, or a mix of conditioner, water, and oil.  I just use water. You don’t want to saturate the hair, just have the hair slightly dampened. Next, add cream or shea butter throughout my tresses.  When I feel satisfied with applying sufficient product to my hair, I will then seal the moisture in with oil.  This method is commonly called the L.C.O. (liquid or leave in conditioner, cream, oil).  Some naturals use the L.O.C. method which is liquid/leave in conditioner, oil, and cream.  You decide what works best for your hair.  I prefer to moisturize my hair at night opposed to the morning.  



After my hair is moisturized to my satisfaction, I then begin to section my hair into about 12 parts.  Some naturals like to section their hair with a wide tooth comb or the tip of a rattail comb.  I prefer to use my fingers just for simplicity.  I will either section one by one or take a clip and section all areas and twist hair into place holding it with a clip.  Sectioning your hair just makes it easier for you to get ready to twist your hair.



I detangle my hair with my fingers.  Then I will take a section of hair and break it into two parts.  Using the two parts I then twist my hair from root to end.  As I near the end of the twist, I just take the end of the hair and twirl it into a coil.  Some naturals may prefer to braid, but personally, twists are easy and quick for me to do to protect my hair through the night.



The last step of my routine is covering my head.  I use a satin scarf and a satin bonnet.  Depending on the style of my hair I use one or the other.  I also purchased a satin pillowcase. Having a satin pillowcase allows me to sleep without worrying about the cotton drying out my hair.  (This comes in handy when I don’t want to wrap my hair, and I want to sleep on my pillowcase.)  











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